Homemade & Handcrafted, enjoy!

Our Award Winning Truffles

Reviving the traditional methods of making Old Fashioned Handmade candy, our specialized candy makers use classic techniques to make such favourites as fudge, sponge toffee, beer nuts, caramel corn and many other old favourites. Come to the store to see these items being made right before your eyes!

The Old Firehall Confectionery offers a wide array of award-winning handmade truffles which are crafted on premises by our master chocolatiers.

We use only the finest Callebaut Belgian chocolate, cream and natural ingredients to ensure the highest quality product.

All of our truffles have a ganache filling.

Ganache is a mixture of cream and chocolate, with a creamy smooth texture that melts in your mouth.

None of our truffles include preservatives.

Should you require to store your truffles, place them in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight to prevent melting.

Old Firehall Confectionery is honoured to have Canadian award winning chocolatiers. Each truffle is created exclusively by our chocolatiers using the finest and freshest ingredients to ensure our valued customers enjoy only the highest quality products.

Our Flavours

Lemon Cranberry

White chocolate lemon ganache with cranberry jelly

Cassis Passionfruit

Black current and passionfruit paired with white chocolate


Mango Passion

White chocolate ganache with mango and passionfruit purée


Pistachio Cherry


Dark chocolate caramel ganache with raspberry puree, in a dark chocolate shell.


Goats milk dulce de ledge, goats cheese ganache in a creamy white chocolate shell


Blood Orange & Kalamansi 

Caramel ganache deglazed with the juice from blood oranges and kalamansi, in a white chocolate shell


Hazelnut Gianduja Cup

Milk chocolate and praline paste in a dark chocolate cup, topped with caramelized hazelnuts.



Irish Cream blended with a rich caramel and 40 percent milk chocolate

Grand Marnier 

64 percent dark chocolate blended with citrus orange peel and cordon rouge grand mariner



Milk chocolate hazelnut praline ganache hand dipped covered in dark chocolate and covered in Caramelized hazelnuts

Caramel Apple

Caramel milk chocolate ganache with a layer of caramel apple jam

Green Tea

White chocolate  & matcha ganache

Bitter Sweet 70%

70 percent flier de cocoa with chocolate toasted nibs


Award Winning Truffle

Milk chocolate ganache infused with dried lavender buds, in a milk chocolate shell

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Milk & Dark Peanut Butter Cups 

Milk Chocolate Peanut butter cup


Dark Chocolate infused with our house espresso


Peanut Butter Cup

Milk and dark chocolate peanut butter cups


Ice Wine

Dark and milk chocolate ganache made with Niagara ice wine and hand dipped in dark chocolate