Homemade & Handcrafted, enjoy!

Our Beverages

Hot Beverages


Our Famous Hot Choko
Made with chocolate bars and fresh milk (Jersey Milk, Dark Chocolate & Peppermint) topped with whipped cream


Old Firehall Coffee
OFH Signature Blend of Roasted Beans
(hints of dark chocolate & caramel)


Cappucino • Espresso • Latte • Mocha

Sloane Tea (variety of flavors) • Chai Latte

*Soy and almond milk available   *Flavored Syrups available

Cold Beverages


Milk Shakes


Cold Brew Coffee (Keep it Cool)


Iced Coffee
OFH Signature Blend of Roasted Beans


Frozen Hot Chocolate
Made with real chocolate bars and fresh milk,  topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Made with  a shot of OFH Signature Espresso and Ice Cream


Dr. Pepper, Pepsi, Orange Crush, Mountain Dew


Soda Float
Vanilla Ice Cream & Cherry Coke or your favorite Soda


Sloane Ice Tea