Gluten Free Options

Although we are not a gluten free bakery the following products do not contain gluten:


Mapleton Ice Cream (Peanut Free, Organic & Gluten Free)

Mapleton Ice Cream Sandwich (Peanut Free, Organic & Gluten Free)

Spelt Waffle Cones (Peanut Free, Organic & Gluten Free)

Assorted Flavors of Fudge

All of our Belgian Chocolate Truffles

All of  our milk /dark/white Belgian Chocolates

Caramel Pecan Cluster (Milk/Dark)

Dark Chocolate Cranberry Almond Rocher

Cranberry Orange Almond Rocher

Cashew & Ginger Rocher

Ginger Orange Almond Rocher

Chocolate Almond Bark

Belgian Milk Chocolate Butter Crunch

Belgian Dark Chocolate Pecan Butter Crunch